The obvious question is…

Why Amazon Red?  For me the decision is obvious; I prefer Amaozn Red to “Gigantor,” “Jolly Red Giant,” or any other such moniker that references my height and hair color.  After all, Wonder Woman was an Amazon.  What girl wouldn’t like THAT comparison?

Moving on, the next question is…”Why blog?”  I really don’t know how to answer that except to say my writing coach suggested it.  Eventually, if my novel receives any attention from agents and/or publishers, this new world will demand I have a presence on the WWW.  Being on the cutting edge gets one noticed, and right now I want my book to get noticed.  Having a stack of manuscripts ready to go to print doesn’t do me a bit of good, until someone decides to publish them.  THEN…well, it’ll be one HELL of a party, if you know what I mean!

For many, writing is therapeutic.  For me, writing is an escape.  I have three boys, ages 15, 12, and 7, and yes, they are every bit the handful one might imagine.  To maintain my sanity, an occasional escape from my reality is an absolute must.  Therefore, I read.  This is also while I write.  It’s great to disappear into someone else’s fantasy world, but I enjoy creating my own fantasy world just as much, if not more so.  I can’t change anything in a book that has already been published, but my own…?  If only life could be changed as easily….  Than again, perhaps it’s better we can’t simply erase and re-write, or cut and paste.  Imagine the mess we’d make….


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