Out of the mouths of babes….

Why is faith so easy for children and so difficult for adults?  Perhaps it boils down to life experience.  As adults, we know Santa isn’t real, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist, and the Easter Bunny…well, I never really got that one.  A bunny who leaves eggs behind?  Seriously?

On the other hand, perhaps it is that children are naturally closer to God.  They don’t have all the garbage and stress and work and family that separate us from our Creator.  I envy them that.

Just before Easter 2005, my kids and I went to visit some friends who pastor a church in Southern California.  We were going to stay for the weekend, attend Easter service, then brave the lovely I-5 for the ride home.  The night before Easter my friends had a prayer meeting at their church and invited us to come, so I got the kids dressed and drove over from our hotel.  Because my youngest was two at the time, we sat in the back of the sanctuary so as not to disturb the other people.  I sat there, praying and waiting for the inevitable “I have to go to the bathroom.”  About 15 minutes in, the moment presented itself.  I took the little one’s hand and quietly left the sanctuary.

As we walked across the foyer, David asked, “Mom, what were those people doing?”

“Praying,” I replied.


I had forgotten we were no longer in the sanctuary and I was still whispering.  “They were talking to God,” I answered, a little louder.

David stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at me with wide eyes, his expression one of reverent awe.  In a hushed voice he asked, “Which one’s God?”

Just like that.  It was nothing for him to believe God was standing in that room.  Granted, he was only two at the time, but isn’t that how it is supposed to be for all of us?  The Bible says we should “become like little children” (Matt. 18:3), and I don’t think that was in reference to tantrums or potty-training or playing in the sandbox.  Childlike faith, that absolute, unequivocal, unwavering belief God is there is what God wants from us, no matter our age.  After all, God doesn’t stop being our Father because we grow up, just like I won’t stop being a mother because my children grow up.  In fact, the older we get, the more we need Him, and we don’t seem to realize this.

In the days ahead, try viewing your relationship with God through a child’s eyes.  Put aside any notions of maturity, intelligence, and confidence.  I don’t need God less because I’ve grown up, I need Him more.


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