What is Romance?

When I was 20, romance would have included a candlelit dinner with someone I was attracted to or cared about, perhaps a walk on the beach with this person, a little hand-holding, kissing, and, if the chemistry was REALLY good, perhaps some love-making to finish off the night.  And, as sweet as those activities may be, they are also very cliche.  Now that I am married with kids and well-past the age of 20 (I refuse to say how far past), romance has a different meaning.  One of the most romantic things my husband ever did for me was get up in the morning, give me a kiss, take my three boys, and LEAVE.  Yes, I said leave.  There was no passionate embrace, no hot kiss, no tumble in the hay.  He gave me something better: silence.  This priceless gift gave me time and a clear head to concentrate on something not-so-realistic that I love almost as much as my family: romantic fiction.

I write for the same reason I read: to escape from the real world and into some imaginary character’s life for a while.  I want to experience that heart-wrenching passion, the all-consuming desire, the feel of his muscled arms….  I realize romantic fiction is just that…fiction..but I want to believe, if only for the time it takes me to start and finish a book, that what I read in those pages could possibly be real.  I am going to post the first chapter of a novel I recently finished writing, and I hope you will allow yourself to disappear in it for a while.  I also hope that, when you finish reading it, you will come back to the real world and tell me your thoughts, whatever they may be.

Here’s to romance…and silence….


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