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Before you read Final Kill….

My BFF read the manuscript for me and her only complaint was my use of acronyms.  Since the military is rife with acronyms, and characters who are military types aren’t going to explain their acronyms to make it easier for the reader, I put together a list.  Take a look.  Not only will you understand what the characters are talking about, if you are ever in a group of military personnel you’ll have a better idea of what they’re saying to one another.  My husband and I used to utilize military acronyms if we wanted to communicate without others knowing what we were saying.  When lingo wasn’t secretive enough, we’d use military hand-signals.  Sorry, but I can’t explain those here.  😀

AQ – Al Qaeda

B&E – breaking and entering

BOQ – base officers’ quarters

BUD/S – Basic underwater demolition/SEALs, the training candidates go through to become SEALs.

Cas-evac – casualty evacuation

Chinook, Blackhawk – types of helicopters

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

CO – Commanding Officer

Comms – communication devices, usually earpieces that transmit and receive sound

CONEX – those big metal containers you see on cargo ships.  Looks sort of like a railroad car.

CQB – close quarters battle, hand-to-hand combat

DHS – Department of Homeland Security

Digitals – digital camouflage, can be Arctic (white/gray), desert (brown/tan/gray), jungle (green, black, gray) or naval (blue/gray/black) colors

EMP – electromagnetic pulse

ETA – estimated time of arrival

Evac – evacuate or evacuation

Helo – helicopter (aka chopper)

Klick – kilometer

Laser-trip – laser used to detonate a bomb or other explosive.  Laser trip-wire.

LT – lieutenant, informally pronounced el-tee

LZ – landing zone

M16, M24, .416 – different types of rifles

MOS – military operational specialty.  In other words, one’s job.

MWR – Morale, Welfare, and Recreation.  All bases have an MWR office where soldiers and their families can buy discounted tickets to anything from airlines to amusement parks.  MWR also provides for basic entertainment such as movies, television, and even Internet service.  It’s like a military YMCA.

NSA – National Security Agency

NVB – night vision binoculars

NVG – night vision goggles

OCS – Officer Candidate School

On my six – right behind me, on my ass.  Think of it as points on a clock face.

PSP – Playstation Portable (yes, my friend had NO idea what a PSP was…)

PX – post exchange, aka military Wal-Mart

Recon – reconnaissance

RFID – radio frequency identification

ROTC – Reserve officers’ training corps

RPG – rocket propelled grenade

S&R or SAR – search and rescue

SF – Special Forces

Sitrep – situation report.  In other words, what the hell’s going on?

SOCOM – Special Operations Command

SOP – standard operating procedure

SP – security police, formerly known as MPs or military police

TAC – short for tactical, usually referring to articles of clothing worn by police and military personnel with pockets designed to hold clips, magazines, and other weapons related items.

Tarmac – runway

Transpo – transportation

UCMJ – Uniform Code of Military Justice

Willco – will comply

FOB – Forward Operating Base