I need to get my act TOGETHER.

Book CoversSooo, I’m trying to be more “authorly,” (yes, I made that up and I can because I’m an author).  This means regular blog posts, working harder to market my books (they’re listed below if you’re unaware, and people seem to like ’em, so check them out!), and spending LESS time on Facebook and more time doing my ACTUAL job.  Being an author.  Because being an author is cool.  And you get to write books.  And make up words and stuff.  (On a serious note, someone asked me what the best part about being an author was and I replied, “Seriously?  Being an author!”)

Part of the reason I don’t do regular blog posts is because no one reads my blog so I don’t really see the point.  Then again, if there’s nothing to read on my blog, why visit?  The other part is I seem to practice “feast or famine” writing.  My books are pretty long in comparison to other romance novels, but I believe in telling a full story, which takes me longer than 50,000 words or 87 pages.  So, I either write too much, or not at all.  Oh, the conundrum!

This quandary has led me to the first decision I’ve made in my quest to “Get My Act Together,” or GMAT: post here on my blog at least once a week.  I have some author friends who post almost daily, but those author friends ALSO have personal assistants.  My PA is a pair of headphones and a wireless keyboard.  Oh, and the remote control so I can turn off that annoying idiot box (who knew that phrase would be prophetic?).

My second decision in my quest to GMAT is…brace yourselves…TURN OFF FACEBOOK.  Oh, my goodness, has there EVER, in the history of mankind, been a bigger device of time-suckage?  I go on to check my feed and three hours later…still scrolling, responding to comments (yes, I fight with people online because I’m aggressive like that), and making comments.  JUST SAY NO.  Nancy Reagan had the right idea, but cocaine would probably be an easier habit to break.

I’m sure I will need to make more decisions before I actually GMAT, but baby steps, people, baby steps.

Here are the links for my books:

Accidental Affair (Book 1)

Right Place, Right Time (Book 2)

Her Sister’s Keeper (Book 3)


2 Responses to “I need to get my act TOGETHER.”

  1. March 31, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    How do you upload pictures to WordPress? Confused

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