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And it’s…PROMOTION time…? Sigh….

Okay, call me clueless, but there I was, blithely unaware, blissfully skipping along the “I want to be an author” road, riding rainbows and feeding golden apples to unicorns and thinking that WRITING a book would be the HARD part.


So, the trail darkened a little as I realized SELLING a manuscript was the REAL chore.  The flower-lined path dimmed a little, kind of like when Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow have to walk through the witch’s woods (ooo, scary!).  The unicorns didn’t follow, the apples were bruised, and the rainbows refused to be ridden.  But, trudge on I did.  Surely this had to be most difficult part – getting an agent/publisher/editor to like my work enough to want to publish it, right?  Right?


In comes the giant ogre PROMOTION, also known as MARKETING.  Ugh.  Where is my magic sword that will slay this enormous beast, or my personal wizard who will cast a spell and make my book an instant success?  (If anyone knows where to find either of those things, please let me know.  There’s an autographed copy of Accidental Affair and a Starbucks gift card in it for you, provided I get said sword or wizard and they WORK.)  The only authors who know about instant success these days are King, Grisham, Koontz (to name a few who can publish just about anything and have it hit the NYT list), and they didn’t get there instantly.  No.  They worked their tails off first and established themselves (sigh).

My turn.

And so, my giddiness at receiving an actual contract for my work (thank you, Black Velvet Seductions Publishing 🙂 ) fades and reality (damn that reality) sets in.  Now, I must convince the READING PUBLIC they want to shell out their hard-earned money for my work, a complete stranger and novice’s work of fiction.


On that note, wanna buy a book?  😉