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Wow.  Who’d have thought that I’d be a multi-published author when I started this journey?  NOT ME.  I’d given up trying to get published, then one of my university professors had the class do a paper on a professional/charitable organization we were a member of.  I couldn’t think of anything other than Romance Writers’ of America.  And I was a member really in name only, but it fit the criteria so I bushi**ed my way through said paper, and I received a note along with my “A” grade.

“I’d be interested in reading your manuscript, if you’d feel comfortable sharing it with me.”

That note changed my life.

My professor was actually impressed with my manuscript (she said it was NOT what she’d been expecting), and she referred me to a writing coach.  It wasn’t a free service, but boy am I glad I skipped a few dinners out and paid for her expertise.  A published author herself, her research brought me to Black Velvet Seductions, and the rest is multi-published author history.  Oh, did I mention I was multi-published?  (Wink, wink!)  I think if I keep saying it, I’ll FINALLY believe it.

MULTI-PUBLISHED.  Nope, still not totally there.

Now, I anxiously await the “birth” of my fourth “child.”  Runaway Heart was actually written WELL before Accidental Affair or ANY of the others, so much so that I had to update all the tech because what was hip in the late 90s is NOT hip now.  But, regardless of the corrected retro aspects, the basics, the romance, the suspense, the sex, are all there.  And it’s a pretty darn good book, if I do say so myself.  And I do, but I’m biased.

Do you want to know what the BEST thing is?  Runaway Heart releases on my BIRTHDAY!  There is no better present than that, unless of course my husband gets me that .416 Barrett rifle I’ve been pining for.  So, yeah, BEST.  BIRTHDAY PRESENT.  EVER.

Thank you, Connie Van Guilder (my professor) and Catharine Bramkamp (my writing coach) for believing in me when I had stopped believing in myself.

See, folks?  Dreams CAN come true…and sometimes it happens when you LEAST expect it!

runaway heart 4.indd

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