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It’s ANTHOLOGY time!

Sooo…I think it was late November 2015, or early December, my publisher, Richard Savage, owner of Black Velvet Seductions (BVS), e-mailed me and the other BVS authors about an erotic anthology he wanted to put together.  The subject matter was first-time experiences with BDSM.  He wanted short stories of 5,000 words or less (hello, have we met, I’m the verbose one, remember?), and he wanted drafts submitted by I think the first week of February.  The dates are really unimportant.

Anyhoo, being me I put it off until the last possible minute.  And I mean last possible minute, as in within hours of the deadline.  Why?  Well, for one I don’t write BDSM.  I write romantic suspense, so why he wanted to include me in the first place sort of mystified me (one more thing on a long list of things that mystify me, like why does chocolate have to be fattening?).  I asked him, “Why me?”  He responded with, “Because you’re a good writer and I like the way you tell stories.”  Boy, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.  Second, I work better under pressure.  Whenever the heat is on and I can feel it licking at my neck like Satan himself wants to get busy, my inner genius comes out and produces something worth reading (wish I knew where that bi*** was the REST of the time).

Never in my life did I think I’d have a short-story in a published erotic anthology, especially an anthology regarding this particular subject matter.  I guess I forgot that I write not only romantic suspense, but also historical romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi/post apocalyptic romance….  I write romance, and romance transcends the category.  All I had to do was adjust the setting and wording and VOILA!  A short story about domination/submission was born!  It was a first for me.

It’s also the first time I’ve ever used the word “cock” in my writing.  🙂

I haven’t read the whole anthology yet, but what I have read was really good (if squirming in your seat while reading erotica is good).  If BDSM and hot, nothing-is-off-limits-sex are your thing, you’ll LOVE this.  Take a peek!

First Submission

First Submission 1